The Psyche Foundation supports innovative work in mental health research, treatment and education.

The Psyche Foundation is a Melbourne-based charity founded in 2019 with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status, established to fund mental health research, treatment and education. Our mission is to improve the mental health of the general population by supporting innovative and effective initiatives that address pressing gaps in mainstream mental health treatment and research.

As a private foundation we aim to be responsive and experimental in our approach to funding. We will support high-quality and novel research that effectively complements the activities of other established funders in this area. As well as supporting excellent research, we aim to improve the accessibility of cutting-edge treatment approaches and promote social equity in access to mental health services in general.

Grants Program

The Psyche Foundation Grants Program funds projects that address pressing mental health needs in the Australian community.

Grants are by invitation only. The Psyche Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant applications.

The Psyche Foundation Grants Program will fund both mental health research and projects directly delivering mental health services, especially those addressing population-specific mental health needs. Projects will be firmly evidence based, outcome driven, internationally competitive, and address pressing mental health needs. Grant proposals will be sought by invitation from researchers, clinicians and organisations (initially from within Australia).

Grants will be for projects spanning three main categories: Research, Accessibility and Education. We will consider excellent projects involving any combination of:


Paul Hains

Paul is co-founder and CEO of Aeon Media Group Ltd which publishes Aeon Magazine and Psyche.

Brigid Hains

Brigid is an environmental historian by training with particular interests in anthropology, history and evolutionary theory. She is the co-founder and Editorial Director of Aeon Media Group. You can find Brigid on twitter @brigidhains.

Kirsten Freeman

Kirsten’s career spans higher education, international relations and the arts. She has held previous roles at British Council and Monash University. She is also the Chief Operating Officer for Aeon Media Group, the publisher of Aeon and Psyche magazines.

Jasmine Walter
Grants Officer

Jasmine is a PhD student in Philosophy and Psychology at Monash University whose main research interest is the nature of conscious experience in disorders of consciousness. Jasmine has a BA. (Hons) in Philosophy and has worked as a researcher in Monash University’s Neuroscience of Consciousness Lab.

Contact details

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